Cosmetic Acupuncture

Cosmetic Acupuncture is a natural, effective, non-surgical treatment aimed at reducing and reversing the signs of ageing.  Designed to energise skin so that it looks alive, fresh and healthy, facial acupuncture encourages circulation and drainage, stimulating collagen production and strengthening muscle tone. Skin conditions including acne, rosacea, puffy eyes and pigmentation are also targeted. Volume and elasticity is restored, fine lines filled, wrinkles reduced and skin rejuvenated for a natural youthful glow.

For new clients an Initial Skin Consultation is required. Each Cosmetic Acupuncture session begins with deep facial cleansing and hydration. Very fine, disposable needles are then placed by your trained practitioner at various facial and body points for 20 minutes. Once removed luxurious serums are applied followed by jade facial rolling to infuse, enhance and support your treatment leaving your skin looking smooth, subtle and energised. Although you will see marked visible improvements after just one session for optimum long term results we recommend a package of 6 treatments.

Single Treatments
$160 90 mins
Package of 4
$500 ($125 per Treatment)
Package of 6
$600 ($100 per Treatment)

‘Balance, Health & Vitality Naturally’

AHPRA CMR0001944570 

AACMA Reg. 3218


ACUVIBE Acupuncture is a Fully Insured Private Health Fund Provider