QI Beauty

(Micro Magnetic–Non Needles)   

Designed to energise skin so that it looks alive, fresh and healthy. Volume is restored, fine lines and wrinkles reduced. Skin conditions including acne, rosacea, eye tone and pigmentation are also targeted.  Qi Beauty facial stimulates natural moisture and collagen production, leaving your skin looking luminous and youthful. Qi Beauty facial is perfect for that special occasion, weddings and events.

Initial Skin Consultation treatment begins with cleansing and skin assessment before a personalised face matrix is designed integrating techniques to create volume and lift, boost collagen production and reinforce muscle tone. During your facial 1000 micro-magnets are gently placed onto your face.  The micro magnets are specifically designed for skin pH compatibility and positioned according to your personalised face matrix. While skin is stimulated during the Qi beauty process a combination of serums and nutrients are applied to deliver a luxurious facial with lasting results.  A personalised home kit can be provided to support and maintain the results of your Qi Beauty facial.

Qi Beauty Gold Treatment
$160 90 mins
Qi Beauty Gold Treatment involves full facial magnetic matrix to lift, define, add volume, repair and activate luminosity. A combination of serums and professional cosmeceuticals are applied to deliver a luxurious facial within the Qi beauty matrix to provide nutrient support. This treatment is both a deeply relaxing and luxurious experience. You will see a visible difference in just one session. This is the perfect facial for that very special event.
Qi Beauty Eye Lift Treatment
$110 50 mins
Eye Lift treatment combines Qi beauty magnets with our professional formulations to deliver instant results. Fine lines, puffy eyes and dark circles are all addressed during this luxurious treatment leaving skin texture smooth, supple and responsive.
Qi Beauty Lip Lift Treatment
$110 50 mins
Lip Lift treatment using Qi Beauty magnetic threading for the lip line will help restore lip definition, bring fullness to lips and reduction of lip lines. An infusion of our signature serum and nutritional formulations will help deliver visible results.
Qi Beauty Home Kit
$110 3 month
Qi Beauty Micro- Magnetic Patch Home Kit for continual skin rejuvenation home maintenance.

‘Balance, Health & Vitality Naturally’

AHPRA CMR0001944570 

AACMA Reg. 3218


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